Friday, February 11, 2011

Moral Pinch.

These are the times where, even our good Muslim Sisters, come across many situations in their day-to-day life, where they have to confront our sick brothers. When I say sick, I don't mean physical or mental sickness but moral one. This post is a tiny reflection of some such situations.

So sisters, when you come across such sick brothers , just pinch them morally instead of just giving negative answers. I hope  these moral pinches, will help some of our brothers in curing their sickness.Allah willing!


Hi, May I drop you at your college?
No thanks! I have my own means (legs). Better drop some handicapped one.


Hello! May I help you to lift your burden?
Yes! Can you lift my burden of sins as they have overburdened me.


Excuse me! We all are going for a good movie,would u like to join us?
No!Not at all.
But why?
I'm busy with my own.
What...your own movie? What u mean?
My life itself is a real movie for me. I'm busy in making it better.


Hello! Can you show me your modesty?
How can I show that?
Just by lowering your gaze.Don't stare at me again, because Allah is watching you.


Hey what happened to you? You seem worried today.Do you need any help?
No thanks! I'm good Alhumdulillah. I'm just thinking of my aakhirah.(hereafter)


Hey you! I think you are a Muslim. Aren't you?
Yes I'm. Why do you ask when you already knew?
Well, you should follow Islam, before following me.


Excuse me! Can I have your number please?
Hmm, I just wanna talk to you, tonight.
Im sorry I can't, better you talk to my friend.
Ok, No problem! May I know who is your friend?
Yes, the one who knows the hidden secrets of his slaves.
Talk to him tonight, May you be guided.


Oh, Mashallah! You look awesome in this Hijab today.Where did you buy it from?
Please!Shut your eyes and heart from me and remember my beloved who created you-The owner of Might n Majesty, the possessor of faith and beauty.


Salam! As today is My Birth day, I would like to give you a gift, instead of you giving me.
Well, May I know what for?
Hmm, just I wanna make you happy.No other reason.
Ok fine! Give it to an orphan please, I will be more than happy.


Excuse me, If you don't mind can I take your picture please?
But why?
You look hot in this new black Hijab.
Oh I see, remember the grave will be blacker and the hell will be hotter than this.


Dear, I love you!
You shouldn't.
You shouldn't love me.
Because, those who believe are stronger in their love for Allah.(Qur'an#2:165)


BubbliMuslima said...

asalamu alaikum br. hamid, can i use the pic about single muslims at the top of ur blog, its really nice?

Mardhiah said...

mashaallah...i love this post so much. tq for sharing this!

Hamid said...

walaikum salam sis bubbli.

No copy rights, use whatever u wish without permission.

@ mardhiah~ shukran for reading and writing.

Mrs. Handbag Addict said...

very good responses, will start applying this when brothers act inappropriately... which sadly enough seems to be happening nearly every day!

Anonymous said...

esselamu alejkum:)

eh..I love your's very, very nice..and I'm often come here..may Allah reward you for evrything!

your sister from Bosnia:)

Hamid said...

@handbag~ Nice to know that you liked them and want to apply too.Shukran sis.

@anonymous~walaikum salam sis:)

Merhaba sis!I'm Glad to hear that from you.May he reward and bless you too.Ameeen.


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