Major Sins

Al-Kabaa`ir - The Major Sins

Sins [acts of disobedience to Allah] can be classified into 2 categories: Major 
sins (called in Arabic, al-kabaa`ir) and Minor sins (called, as-saghaa`ir). 

Please see the Qur`aan, at the following references: 4:31, and 42:37, and 

General Ways by which to Recognize a 'Major Sin':  

(1) It is mentioned explicitly as a 'major sin', or a 'great sin' in the Qur`aan or 
Hadeeths of the Prophet.  

(2) There is a prescribed 'hadd' (legal punishment) for that sin, mentioned 
in the Qur`aan or Hadeeths of the Prophet.  

(3) Hell-fire is mentioned along with this sin, either in the Qur`aan or Hadeeths 
of the Prophet. Or, the "curse of Allah" or the 'wrath of Allah' is mentioned 
alongside that sin, either in the Qur`aan or Hadeeths of the Prophet.  

(4) The Prophet said that whoever does such-and-such a sin, "he is not one of us"
or "he is not from us".

Here are the major sins mentioned in the book Al-Kabaa`ir, by Abu 
`Abdullaah Shams-ud-Deen Adh-Dhahabi (d. 748 A.H.),:  

01. Associating anything with Allaah  i.e. Shirk with Allah. The definition of Shirk, which 
every Muslim should memorize, is simply: Giving any of the rights of Allah to other than Allah. Whether it is an attribute of Allah, a quality of Allah, whether it is Sujood (prostration), whether it is Du`a (supplication), whether it is Sacrifice, and so on.

02. Murder 
03. Practicing magic, witchcraft or sorcery 
04. Not Praying (the 5 Obligatory Prayers)  
05. Not paying Zakaah (the due Zakaah; 2.5 % of one's wealth)  
06. Not fasting on a Day of Ramadaan without excuse 2 
07. Not performing Hajj, while being able to do so 
08. Disrespect to parents
09. Abandoning relatives (and also, cutting off ties with one's kith & kin) 
10. Fornication and Adultery  
11. Homosexuality 
12. Bestiality                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
13. Usury/Interest (Riba)  
14. Wrongfully consuming the property of an orphan  
15. Lying about Allah and His Messenger                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
16. Running away from the battlefield 
17. A leader's deceiving his people and being unjust to them 
18. Pride and arrogance and haughtiness  
19. Bearing false witness, giving a false testimony  
20. Drinking Khamr (wine, alcohol, intoxicants) 
21. Gambling
22. Slandering chaste women  
23. Stealing from wealth that one has been entrusted with (Ghulool)
24. Stealing (in general)  
25. Highway Robbery 
26. Taking a false oath 
27. Oppression -- Zhulm
28. Illegal gain 
29. Consuming wealth acquired unlawfully (i.e. through prohibited means)  
30. Committing suicide 
31. Lying -- Kadhib
32. Judging unjustly (An unjust, unfair judge)
33. Giving and Accepting bribes 
34. Women's imitating men and men's imitating women  
35. Being cuckold 
36. Marrying a divorced woman in order to make her lawful for the husband 
37. Not protecting (cleaning) oneself from urine  
38. Showing-off -- Riyaa`
39. Learning knowledge of the religion (not sincerely for Allah & seeking His Pleasure, 
but) for the sake of this world [or to boast before the scholars, or argue with the 
ignorant, or to draw attention to one's self]                                                                                                                                                                       
40. Concealing knowledge (when the people are in need of it)  
41. Betrayal -- Khiyaanah (eg. betrayal of trusts)
42. Recounting favours
43. Denying Allah's Decree  (This is tantamount to kufr.)  
44. Listening (to) people's private conversations (eavesdropping)  
45. Carrying tales (Nameemah - seeking to spoil people's relationships)  
46. Cursing people                                                                                                                                                                                                 
47. Breaking contracts 
48. Believing in fortune-tellers and astrologers  
49. A woman's bad conduct towards her husband 
50. Making statues and pictures (i.e. making pictures of living creatures)
51. Lamenting, wailing, tearing the clothing, and doing other things of this sort 
when an affliction (or calamity) befalls 
52. Treating others unjustly -- Baghy
53. Overbearing conduct towards one's wife, the servant, the weak, and 
animals (being domineering in manner)  
54. Offending one's neighbour (or harming one's neighbor in any way)  
55. Offending and abusing Muslims 
56. Offending people and having an arrogant attitude toward them 
57. Trailing one's garment (below the ankle) (Note: This sin applies for men only.)
58. Men's wearing silk and gold                                                                                                                                                 
59. Eating or drinking from gold/silver utensils, vessels, etc. 
60. Slaughtering an animal which has been dedicated to anyone other than 
61. To knowingly ascribe one's paternity to a father other than one's own 
62. Arguing and disputing violently; being quarrelsome 
63. Witholding excess water - (not allowing excess water to flow to others)
64. Giving short weight or measure [i.e. cheating in business, changing prices, ripping 
off somebody]
65. Hiding a defect in something that you're selling                                                                                                                                                            
66. Feeling secure from Allah's Plan 
67. Despairing from the Soothing Mercy of Allah                                                                                                                    
68. Offending Allah's righteous friends 
69. Not praying in congregation (Jamaa`ah) but praying alone without an 
excuse (Note: This sin applies for men only.)
70. Persistently missing Friday Prayers (Jumu`ah) without any excuse (Note: This 
sin applies for men only.)
71. Unsurping the rights of the heir through bequests 
72. Deceiving people and plotting evil 
73. Spying for the enemy of the Muslims (spying on Muslims, and finding their faults)
74. Cursing or insulting any of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad                                                      
75.Judging according to other than the Law of Allah; the Law  
that Allah has revealed [i.e. the Book of Allah & the Sunnah]                                                      
76. Eating carrion, blood, or the flesh of swine                                                                                                                            
77. Pointing a weapon (or anything of this nature) at your brother                                                                                                                             
78. Telling another Muslim that, you are a Kaafir - "You're a disbeliever"                                                                                                                                                                
79. Hitting people and punishing them without due right.                                                                                                                             
80. A woman who plucks eyebrows & the one who has it done to her                                                            
81. The tattooers and the tattooed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
82. Completely shaving off the beard (for men)                                                                                                                             
83. Listening to Musical Instruments -- Ma`aazif                                                                                                                            
84. Backbiting -- Gheebah                                                                                                                                                                                               
85. Being unjust between one's wives                                                                                                                            
86. Delaying the Salaah [past its prescribed time] without any valid excuse                                                                                          
87. Not being calm (and tranquil) in one's Rukoo` [bowing] or Sujood[prostration]                                                                                                                                                        
88. Boycotting your Muslim brother [or sister] for more than 3 days, without a legitimate Islamic reason.                                                                                                                   
89. Taking graves as places of worship, or building Mosques on top of graves                                                                                                                            
90. Abandoning enjoining good & forbidding evil.                                                                                                                             
91. Loving that people stand up for you                                                                                                                             
92. Cheating                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
93. Speaking about the Qur`aan with your own opinion (without knowledge)                                                                                                                            
94. Imitating & seeking to follow, the ways of the disbelievers                                                                                                                                                       
95. Practicing a Bid`ah (innovation) in the Religion of Allah

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