Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Deception~ Poison In the name of Love.

The purpose behind St. Valentine ’s Day today is to spread love between the Muslims and disbelievers.This act contradicts Islaam. The right which the Muslim owes the disbeliever is justice and fairness in all dealings. The Muslim must not oppress the Kafir…Allaah has ordained love for the disbeliever to be absent in his verse “You (O Muhammad SAW) will not find any people who believe in Allâh and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW ), even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people). For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with Rûh (proofs, light and true guidance) from Himself. And We will admit them to Gardens (Paradise) under which rivers flow, to dwell therein (forever). Allâh is pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allâh. Verily, it is the Party of Allâh that will be the successful.”[Al-Mujadelah: 22]

Ibn Taymeeyah(may Allaah have mercy on him) said, “ Allaah has stated that love between the Muslim and disbeliever is non-existent. And any Muslim who loves a disbeliever isn’t a true believer…

The love intended during this holiday ever since the Christians revived it is passion and infatuation outside the limits of matrimony, which consequently result in unlawful sex and lewdness. And for that reason religious adherents to Christianity wagged war against this day sometime ago. Subsequently it was cancelled as a holiday. However, later it was restored again. Many of the youth are celebrating St. Valentine’s Day to satisfy their desires. They don’t hold the superstition beliefs about it, which the Romans and Christians view. Nonetheless, this doesn’t clear them of resembling the Kufur in one of the traditions of their religion. Acts like this can drive the person practicing them to disbelief if the conditions are met and the things which prevent him from leaving Islam are lifted. It is not permissible for a Muslim to build a strong relationship with a woman other than his wife. Being in a relationship where infatuation and passion are present is a door to Adultery or fornication…

Congratulating the kuffaar on their religious festivals is haraam to the extent described by Ibn al-Qayyim because it implies that  one accepts or approves of their rituals of kufr, even if one would not accept those things for oneself.  But the Muslim should not accept the rituals of kufr or congratulate anyone else for them, because Allaah does not accept any of that at all, as He says,  “If you disbelieve, then verily, Allaah is not in need of you, He likes not disbelief for His slaves.  And if you are grateful (by being believers), He is pleased therewith for you...” [Soorah az-Zumar 39:7] 
“...This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islaam as your religion…”[Soorah al-Maa’idah 5:3]

So congratulating them is forbidden, whether they are one’s colleagues at work or otherwise.  If they greet us on the occasion of their festivals, we should not respond, because these are not our festivals, and because they are not festivals which are acceptable to Allaah.  These festivals are innovations in their religions, and even those which may have been prescribed formerly have  been abrogated by the religion of Islaam, with which Allaah sent Muhammad (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) to the whole of mankind. Allaah says,  “Whoever seeks a religion other than Islaam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.”[Soorah Aal ‘Imraan 3:85]

It is haraam for a Muslim to accept invitations on such occasions, because this is worse than congratulating them as it implies taking part in their celebrations.  Similarly, Muslims are forbidden to imitate the kuffaar by having parties on such occasions, or exchanging gifts, or giving out sweets or food, or taking time off work, etc., because the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) said,  “Whoever imitates a people is one of them.” 
[Narrated by Abu Daawood in al-Libaas, hadeeth 3512]

Shaykh al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah – (Rahimahu ‘Llah) – said,  “Imitating them in some of their festivals implies  that one is pleased with their false beliefs and practices, and gives them the hope that they may have the opportunity to humiliate and mislead the weak.” [Iqtidaa’ al-Siraat al-Mustaqeem Mukhaalifat Ashaab al-Jaheem]

Whoever does anything of this sort is a sinner, whether he does it out of politeness or to be friendly, or because he is too shy to refuse, or for whatever other reason, because this is hypocrisy in Islaam, and because it makes the kuffaar feel proud of their religion.Allaah is the One Whom we ask to make the Muslims feel proud of their religion, to help them adhere steadfastly to it, and to make them victorious over their enemies, for He is the Strong and Omnipotent. Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen (Rahimahu ‘Llah)

Source: Majmoo’ah Fataawa wa Rasaa’il


Anonymous said...

hey, who is the message to muslim youth by? i can hear it, but for some reason im not able to see the player.

Hamid said...

Well, Its by sheik Sulaiman Moola from south Africa.

May be because of browser version,
I use Google chrome.

BubbliMuslima said...

br. i have a question. how is it permissible for a muslim man to marry a nonmuslim women if "any Muslim who loves a disbeliever isn’t a true believer…"?


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