Friday, December 31, 2010

Heart of a believer.

Prophet Dawood (pbuh) asked Allah(swt):
 “O Allah! All kings possess treasures; where is yours?”

Almighty replied:

“I possess a treasure which is greater than the sky, vaster than the Heaven’s firmaments, smells better than the perfumes of Paradise, and is beautiful than the Celestial Kingdom. Its earth is enlightenment. Its sky is belief. Its sun is enthusiasm. Its moon is love. Its stars are inspiration and attention towards Me. Its clouds are reason. Its rain is blessings. Its fruits are obedience, and its yield is wisdom.My Treasure has four doors. The first one is the door of knowledge. The second one is the door of reason. The third one is the door of patience, and the fourth one is the door of contentment. Know that My Treasure is the heart of a believer.”


user said...

Salaam. beautiful. could you please tell the source of this?

Hamid said...

walaikum salam.

After searching a lot I found it to be from Oceans of Lights (Arabic: Bihar al-Anwar بحار الأنوار) vol 70,Pg 59.

Aneebaba said...

Lovely. JZK.


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