Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Everyone who takes a wife.

Once people insisted upon a man to take a wife. He did not agree and began to weep much. They said, “Why should you weep? If you do not want a wife, just say so? He replied, “What made me weep is another thing. I have not yet taken a wife. I must first carry my own load to destination to make myself worthy of Paradise. If I take a wife then it will be upon me to save that lady also from hell. I am myself yet not fortunate enough to pass through the Sirat Bridge how shall I make my wife worthy of Paradise!” Everyone who takes a wife takes upon himself a huge responsibility as the Holy Qur’an says: O men! Save yourself and your family from hellfire.

You cannot talk only about yourself. If you have a wife, it is obligatory for you to hold her hand to take her away from hell as you are the head of the family. Another responsibility imposed by Qur’an is to live nicely with her. Whatever excessive faultfinding, you are doing with your wives is all against the teachings of Islam. The load of responsibilities on man is indeed heavy.

When Allah knows you are ready for the responsibility of commitment, he will reveal the right person under the right circumstances.wait patiently.Don't unnecessarily waste your time searching and wishing.Grow and be ready and you will see Allah (swt) will give you a love story far better that you could ever dream of.

You know what would  be amazing? 

To get to the point where you love Allah(swt) so much that you accept everything that happens without question, without feelings of loss or negativity because you love him so incredibly, that no lame emotion could possible come between that.But it takes a lot to get there and most people never fully do.You need the bad to appreciate the good.

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Aneebaba said...

WOW!!! This was fantastic and so beautiful! Yes, we men have lots of responsilibility to carry. This was a great reminder, as that time is approaching for me, though I think I still have a year or so to go insha'allah, but it is this issue of preparing myself and making sure I'm ready to carry that load and then prepare for someone else as well.

Jazak'Allahu Khairan for the beautiful reminder.


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