Sunday, January 02, 2011

Am I Alone?

Being alone is not always synonymous to being lonely.
There are people who find happiness and contentment in solitude and there are those who swim in a sea of people and still find themselves empty.

Being alone is never strictly equal to loneliness.

It all matters on how you decide to deal with the situation at hand, and the path you choose to take.

A wise advice: If you want to befriend someone in life, then let him/her be the one who will keep your secrets, cover your errors, help you in times of hardship, prefer and favor you in times of comfort, spread your qualities and forgo your mistakes. If you find none having these qualities then befriend your own self.


Anonymous said...

Masha Allah akhy, that is so true!

Aneebaba said...

Yes indeed very true. In today's world, so many are trying to avoid lonliness, but don't necessarily surround themselves with good people when trying to solve that issue. I always tell people, "I enjoy my own company" :-)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaykom akhy:-)! Ur post were indeed inspiring, it reminded me of of myself:-)!

Indeed your blogs were great, jazakallahu khair wa Barakallahu fik:-)-

More power to your blogspot:-)

Hamid said...

walaikum salam. shukran for ur feed back.


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