Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Awesome Anecdotes.

Reading Interesting,Intelligent and Islamic Anecdotes help us to increase our Intelligence,Thinking style and Positive attitude too.

1) A man looked at his wife as she was climbing stairs and he said , "You are divorced if you climb a single step, divorced if you descend a single step, and divorced if you stand still". She slipped herself from the railing and remained his wife.

2) A man who was an adherent of the majus religion died and left behind a huge debt.Some of his creditors said to his son, "Sell the house and pay off your father's debt." The son said, "If I sell the house and pay off my father's debt, will he enter paradise?" They said, "No". He said, "Then leave him in the hellfire and leave me in the house."

3) Hasan bin sahl asked Dinar bin Abdullah, "What is your religion?" He said, "I never thought that anyone alive would ask this question,for it is the question of Munkar and Nakir to the dead."

4) Hasan bin Ali bin Husain said to his wife, 'Aishah bint Talha, "Your affair is in your hand (i.e if you want divorce,then i grant it) !" She said, "For 20 years it has been in your hand, and you have done well to preserve it.I will not let it be wasted in my hands for even a single hour, and so I have returned the matter to you!"
He was so impressed by her words that he decided to keep her as his wife, and not divorce her.

5) Ali bin Fudail related that he heard his father say to Ibn Mubarak, "You order us to seek little from this world, yet we see you trading in merchandise.Please explain how you reconcile one with the other?" He said, "O Abu Ali,I do so only to protect myself from begging, to be generous to my family, and to use wealth to help me in obedience to my Lord." Ali said, "O Ibn Mubarak, if you achieve all of that, then your way of earning and spending are both noble indeed!"

6) Muhammad Abduh related that a European person asked, "Why do you not eat with a spoon?" He said, "My spoon is my hand and my fingers,whereas I alone use my spoon to eat, no one else being able to use it, and I alone being responsible to wash it, you cannot be sure whether your spoon (that is made of steel) was washed or not, nor do you know if the one who used it before you was healthy or sick."

7) It was said to Umar bin Abdul Aziz, "O leader of the believers, you have much wealth in your hands, but we do not see you owing even those things that your house is in need of".
He said, "A house should not be furnished in the fleeting world; there is an abode to which we have transported our best possessions, and after a short while we are moving there- i.e, the hereafter.

8) It was said to a ruler, "What has made you reach this level? He said, "I forgave when I was able to exact revenge, I was soft even when I was severe, I was just even regarding my own self, and I left enough place in my heart to love and hate so that I could still easily change from one to the other."

9) A man asked Hasan bin Ali (r), " I have a daughter and people have proposed her, so to whom should I marry her? Hes said, "Marry her to one who fears Allah (swt), for if he loves her, he will honor her, and if he hates her, he will not wrong her."

10) Abu Darda (r) said to his wife, "If you see that I'm angry, then appease me; and if I see you are angry, I will appease you-otherwise why should we keep company with one another?" When this saying reached Imam Zuhri, he said, "That is how companionship should be."

11) A Bedouin one day said to his children,"I did good to you not only when you were young or when you grew up, but also before you were born."They said Indeed we know that you have treated us well when we were very young and then we grew up, but how is it that you treated us well before we were born?" He said, "I chose mothers for you that will not disgrace you or discredit you."

12) It is said that a beggar went to a rich man from Khurasan and asked for help.He heard him say to his servant, "O Gold, say to Gem, to say to Jewel ,to say to Sapphire, to say to this beggar that we do not have anything." The beggar raised his hands to the sky and said, "O my Lord, say to Jibril, to say to Israfil ,to say to Mikail, to say to Izrail to take the soul of this miser."

Source: Taken from Gems and Jewels.


MuslimFirst said...

Wow, there were . . . .. awesome! Jazak'Allahu Khairan for sharing!

S. Sharp said...

Maasha Allah... Thank you may Allah protect you and earn you for writing this in english for us/me.

Your sister S.

Hamid said...

@ Muslim first~ Shukran for reading and comenting.

@ S .sharp~ Welcome sis! Ameen@ ur dua.

Constructive Attitude said...

I love your header! what a great quote.

Anonymous said...

Masha Allah, love the quotes especially number 6. Some of my friends used to say it is unhygienic to use your hands to eat but as compared to the spoon, it is cleaner al-hamdulillah.

I'm just wondering, the book you quoted from - is it by darussalam?

Jazak Allah khayr

Hamid said...

@theonekhalil~shukran for your feedback.yes it is from Darussalam.


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