Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Supplication Answered.

Abu Abdullah bin Ja'far, better known as Al-Balkhi, relates: "One day,heavy winds and torrential rains destroyed the field of a woman I knew who lived in the desert.People went to console her, and all she did was to raise her gaze to the sky and say : 'O Allah, all hopes is in you, you are the best to replace that which is lost,and in your hand is a replacement for what has been destroyed.So deal with us in a manner that is befitting of you, for our provision is from you, and we turn for all of our hopes to you'.Only a short time passed before a very affluent man,whom we did not know,came to us.And when we told him what had happened, he bestowed upon her 500 dinars."

Taken from Gems and Jewels.


MuslimFirst said...

Aww, ma'sha'allah, Allah (swt) is truly the One Who Provides! Jazak'Allahu Khairan for the account of this story.

**Ranii** said...

yes we r extremists in every good deeds...!!!
becoz we r proud ummati of MOHAMMAD(SAW)....!!1
and thats enuf i think..

Abez said...

Lovely post, and I really enjoyed the Nasheed that was playing in the background- who sang it?

Also, I loved the 'Gift of Dates'on the sidebar, and so many of the little asides and posts. This is a wonderful blog, do please keep sharing these gems. :)

(But for us old people,would it be possible to make the font a tiny bit bigger?) :D


Hamid said...

@ Muslim first~Shukran akhee for dropping by as usual.

@ Rani~Welcome sis!Yes i agree with you view.

@Abez~ peace be with you. shukran for sweet comment.well the artist is Salman mulla. oh..ok! i did made it a bit bigger now.If i make it much bigger then the font becomes too fat and the blog become khairan for dropping by.


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