Monday, September 27, 2010

Four In Number.

A casual but curious reflection, upon things in Glorious Qur'an, within our self's and upon things around us, which i found to be four in number/four types.There may be many more such things but I'm unaware of those.Please share If you know.

Four From Qur'an:
1) The  four promises taken in chapter # 95.
2) The number of wifes a man can marry is Only four.
3) The Only four Holy books  are mentioned in Glorious Qur'an.
4) There are Only four types of human creation mentioned in Qur'an.
5) The Holy House of Almighty Allah (swt) is made of Only  four walls.
6)The Only two, four versed chapters of Qur'an are chapter #106 and 112.
7)There are four chapters in the last unit which begins with Qul meaning ~Say!
8) The Blessed name of our prophet (pbuh) has been mentioned by name Only four times.
9) The cursed satan attacks human being from four directions as mentioned in Qur'an# 7:17.
10)  The Only four rivers mentioned in Qur'an are river of milk, of honey, of water and of  pure wine.
11) Four sacred months i.e. Muharram, Rajab, ZeeQa'idah and Zilhajjah.
Four From Hadith:

1) Four seasons.
2) Four directions.
3) Four Great Angles.
4) Four Great Mosque's of Islamic History.
5) The First four Caliphs of the Prophet (pbuh).
6) The four daughters of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Four in our Body:

1) The human liver has four lobes: the right lobe and left lobe, which may be seen in an anterior view plus the quadrate lobe and caudate lobe, which may be seen on the visceral surface.

2)The human brain has four lobes : Frontal, Parietal, Occipital and Temporal.

3) The human heart has four chambers : Right atrium, right ventricle,left atrium,left ventricle.

4)The human heart has four valves:Tricuspid valve.Pulmonary valve. Mitral valve.Aortic valve.

5)The humans has got four different types of teeth : Incisors, canine teeth, premolars and molars.

6) Four types of taste sweet, salty, sour and bitter.
 Four in Feelings:

A) Four types of Love

I feel and I know love should be of Four types and here is a good explanation of it.

Ibn Al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said regarding this matter:There are four kinds of love, which we must differentiate between, and those who go astray do so because they do not make this distinction. 

1) The first of them is love of Allaah, but this alone is not sufficient to save a person from the punishment of Allaah and to earn him His reward. The Mushrikeen, worshippers of the cross, Jews and others all love Allaah. 

2) The second is love of that which Allaah loves. This is what brings a person into Islam and out of Kufr. The most beloved of people to Allaah is the one who is most correct and most devoted in this kind of love. 

3) The third kind is love for the sake of Allaah, which is one of the essentials of loving that which Allaah loves. A person's love of that which Allaah loves cannot be complete until he also loves for the sake of Allaah. 

4) The fourth is love for something alongside Allaah, and this love has to do with shirk. Everyone who loves things alongside Allaah but not for the sake of Allaah has taken that thing as a rival to Allaah. This is the love of the Mushrikeen. 
(Al-Jawaab al-Kaafi, 1/134)

B) Four types of Anger

I have observed ,experienced and thus came to a conclusion that anger is of four types.

i) Anger which comes late and goes quick.
ii) Anger which comes quick and goes quick.
iii) Anger which comes late and goes late.
iv) Anger which comes quick and goes late.

Extra four:

1) The most difficult of deeds are also four.

 i) Forgiveness when angry.
 ii) Generosity in hard times.

 iii) Chastity when alone.
 iv) Speaking the truth to the one that fears it.

2) The powerful  four doors that leads in to one's heart are two eyes and two ears.

3) Its only on Friday that an Imam has to recite aloud in the four  prayers, unlike in three during the rest of the week.

4) The simple and just four fair tips to maintain good health.

i) Bath daily, If possible.
ii) Moderate exercise daily.
iii) Eat right things at right time daily.
iv) Sleep sufficiently daily without any worries.


Constructive Attitude said...


Fatin said...

Salam hamid, how about number 7.
1) Tawaf- 7 times around Kaabah
2) Sai 7 times from Safa to Marwa
3) there 7 door of Heaven & hell
4) 7 days in a week
5) 7 ayat in Surah Al-Fatiha
6) rainbow have 7 colurs
7) many more

there is many more...

Hamid said...

@CA~ Shukran for your smile.

@Fatin~walaikum salam

wow!Good reflection..ya there are many such I know.InshAllah I will put all one day.

MuslimFirst said...

Ma'sha'allah, these were all so lovely. Of course, I love the "body" ones, hehe - yup I'm biased. :-)

The extra four are sooo true.

Jazak'Allahu Khairan for this great post bro.

Hamid said...

@ muslim first~ shukran akhee. i know you love the body ones because you will be one day a good doctor of body.InshAllah.


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