Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shun Your Tension.

Some eyes are restless whilst others are in sleep In meditating that which may or may not occur , So leave the worrying as much as possible As carrying the burdens of anxiety is madness .There is your Lord, who provided you with the solutions to yesterday And He will similarly provide for what is to come today.Let events flow in their predestined path And do not sleep except with a clear mind .Between the period of a blinking of an eye and it’s opening Allah changes things from one state to another.

1. Know that if you do not live within the scope of today, your thoughts will be scattered, your affairs will become confused, and your worrying will increase these realities explain the hadith: “When you are in the morning, do not expect to see the evening, and when you are in the evening, do not expect to see the morning.”

2. Forget the past and all that it contained. Being absorbed in things that are gone is sheer lunacy.

3. Do not be preoccupied with the future. Because the future is in the world of the unseen, do not let it bother you until it comes.

4. Do not be shaken by criticism; instead, be firm. And know that, in proportion to your worth, the level of people’s criticism rises.

Source:Dont be sad written by Aidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni.

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