Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sell your Soul before you're Sold.

How perfect is Almighty Allah (swt)!In the soul of man is the pride of iblis,the jealousy of Qabeel,the insolence of the people of A'd,the tyranny of thamud,the temerity of namrud,the arrogance of pharaoh,the wrongdoing of Qarun,the trickiness of the people of sabt,the rebelliousness of Al-waleed,the ignorance of haman,.

The soul of a man also has many characteristics of beast.He has the avacarice of a crow, the glutonny of a dog, the dislay of the peacock,the filth of the hog,the malice of the camel,the predatory nature of the lion,the venom of the snake,the frivolity of the ape,the greed of the ant and the deception of the fox.

Such a commodity(soul) must be refined by faith and purified by repentance and attentiveness in worship.The commodity must also be protected from defects or from being destroyed,so as to alow the buyer to accep it~Ibn Qayyim (r)

“Your souls are precious, and can only be equal to the price of Paradise. Therefore, sell them only at that price.” ~Hazrat Ali(r)

"Verily Allah ta'la has purchased of the believers their lives..."Qur'an(9:111)

Source: Taken from the book Gems and Jewels.

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