Thursday, September 03, 2009

Try To Tell The Un Told

Learn the art of speaking from the the best speech of the best sustainer in the form of the best book i.e Qur'an. ~Hamid

1)Qaulam Baleega(An-Nisa:63)- Tell the touching words.

2)Qaulam Ma'roofa(Al-Ahzaab:32)-Tell the high quality words.

3)Qaulam Kareema(Al-Isra:23)-Tell polite words.

4)Qaulal Layyina(Taha:44)-Tell the gentle words.

5)Qaulam Mysoora(Al-Isra:28)-Tell the good words.

6)Qaulan Sadeeda(Al-Ahzaab:70)-Tell the truth.

Words can do,what weapons cannot~Hamid.

O Allah! I ask you a blessing that does not end,contentment that never ceases,knolwedge which is beneficial, sustenance which is good,deeds which are acceptable and acceptance of your decree.

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