Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fasting Keeps Your Body Fit To The Fullest

Each fasting Muslim sends out the message to the masses around him:Here is the answer to stridency through humbleness,to greedy consumption through constraint,to obscenity through piety,to indiscipline through self-restraint,to self indulgence through charity,to poverty through generosity,to health through hunger and to spiritual blankness through devotional acts.He need not speak about it.It is visible on his face.The fasting man's glow on the face is as visible as blushes of a virgin.

Let the people look at you and say to themselves within themselves "The peace I'm looking for,is in the face of this wo/man.Wonder where s/he got it from?"

Courtesy:Iqbal zaheer-Editor of Young Muslim Digest.


Quest said...

very wise of you! besides, we only get one shot at life, might as well go for the glow/gold and be the best at our deen :)

happy ramadan bro and keep this up!


WhiteOrchid said...

that is soo true. There is a sense of peace and calmness radiating from the face of a righteous muslim while fasting


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