Monday, September 07, 2009

I'm in Love with...

Why should't I be so?

Tongue is incapable,words are insufficient and feelings are inexpressible truly...

I was... I'm.... I will Love with it.

It's the biggest wonder of all wonders.
It's the biggest miracle of all miracles.
It's the best book of all books.

It's truth is undeniable ,statements are irrefutable,speech is unarguable,honor unchallengeable,words unchangeable,decisions unbreakable,advice motivational,ideas inspirational and style universal.

I strongly believe,also it's a fact that it's the one and only book on the face of the planet we live in,which can break the hardest of the hearts and heal the weakest of the soul's.

It enables me to distinguish right from wrong,it light the way to heaven,it is my friend in the farlands,my society in solitude,my companion when friendless,it guide me to happiness,it sustains me in misery,it is an ornament among friends and armour against enemies.

Life is short but knowledge to be gained is vast, so I hold it and learn which has the keys to all fields of knowledge (past,present) including the modern technology .

Pen downing my few qurious thoughts about my love for it.

Mirror reflects my face and Quran reflects my heart.
A body to be balanced need a balanced diet,so also a soul to be balanced it needs it's provison and Qur'an is it's.
It is hope for my future of here and hereafter.
Rope for my goals .
A solution for my every mini and macro problem and an answer for every qurious question.
A cure for my ailments both spiritual and moral.
A magnificent magnet which keeps me motivating and attracting towards good and repel's against evil.
An honor that distinct me from many others.
The only most beneficial and highly balanced book from all angles,in all ways andfor all times.
I recite it to know what people ought to do and read newspaper to know what they are doing.
It is a creative compass,it always points me in the right direction.
It gives me mental peace which is priceless.
It imbibes its true followers with knowledge of learned,wisdom of wise,attitude of optimist,courage of warrior,humility of poor ,characters of noble ones and curiosity of scientists.

If fishes cannot survive without water,how can mankind survive without it?

A sea of unending knowledge and wisdom and the most Ideal System of Life for All Mankind.

I would like to learn Allah's world from Allah's words.
I love to contemplate upon it's message for one hour rather than adoring it for one year.

Love it, you too.....The only best book to be recite,reflect,research,memorize,act upon and implement its mighty and magnetic message individually and collectively.

1 comment:

nor said...

masya allah, this is so true.
love the way u put it.

I can soo relate,
i will miss IT so much, even if it is for a day w/o reading at least a page of the Quran.

thanks you for sharing.


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