Saturday, August 08, 2009


No matter how great my thinking or words may be,at the end of death I will be judged by 'The Judge' just on the basis of sincerity of my Intentions and the amount of Efforts I put in.

1) I have lost nothing in my life nor will I because I own nothing of my own that I may loose.
2) Im trying hard to make my every today better than yesterday and every tomorrow better than today.
3) The factor of my shyness overcome the factor of my boldness as a result sometimes I unable to express what i want to.
4) I spend maximum of my energy and time on three things Listening,Reading and Thinking.
5) I have allergy to listen my praise.People praise creation who isn't worth of any praise from any angle, instead of creator who is all worthy of praise.
6) I dont like to buy or wear costly bodywear(clothes) or footwear(shoes) for they dosen't suit me.(my personality)
7) I wanna live a life with some standards( Principles) but not a standard life( a life of luxury) for it dosen't befit my standard.(thinking)
8) I wanna bring an Innovative revolution in home management and education system in my family, Almighty willing.
9) I want to make atleast one person, cent percent Muslim/Momin in my life and that one person is myself,so as to make my actions speak better than my words.
10) I like to give and get gifts but only educational ones as they are of great benifit in both lifes, for both giver and reciever.
11) I wanna do a job which give's me pleasure of working,which develops my personality and which fullfil my financial and moral needs.
I have been tagged by a sister in faith,humanity and education.


miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Mashallah, you have a wonderful gift of articulation,
May Allah answer all your prayers inshallah, amin.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah,I hope many blogger
have a Islamic spirit like you.


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