Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Think Globally,Work Collectively.

There can be no Islam without unity.No unity without leadership and no leadership without obediance(Umar Ibn khattab).


The idea of Islamicizing modern education and information will definitely bring a massive change in Muslim Ummah.All top Muslim scholars, Muslim Schools,Colleges ,Da’wah centres and Precious Personalities should come forward to put this idea in to practice both in schools and madarsas.They should DREAM BIGGER,AIM HIGHER and DO BETTER.
Lets Islamicize our Thinking,Reading,Writing,Speaking,Learning,Teaching etc to bring IT -Islamic Times through Proclaming IT-Islamic Testimony,setting IT-Islamic trends, using IT-Intelligence & Talents aided with IT-Information & Technology.
"History dosen't repeat itself,People repeat it."

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