Wednesday, August 12, 2009

East or West,Who's best?

East(Islam) and West(Chirstanity) both needs each other.The frameworks of concepts and the islamic worldview,provide methods for solving ethical,moral,social and political problems,while the west provides the modern skills and techniques for material development.There should be an encounter of the two,seeking an approach through mutually acceptable traits as well as appreciating their useful diversity of identities.~Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann-He is a prominent German diplomat and author. He has authored several books on Islam, including Journey to Makkah and Islam: The Alternative.

Western world has fortunately guided missiles and rockets but unfortunately misguided thier women.The former task was difficult but they did it,the latter was/is easy but they couldn't and they cannot, for they themself need to guide themself's before they could guide someone else(women).~Hamid

Asking to a person whether he's a western first of muslim first is just like asking someone whether you are the son/daughter of your father first or mother first.


Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah,we have Muslim brother like you tell the world
beautiful of Islam through blog..

Anonymous said...

assalamu aliekum brother,
if i may,
i think the seperation of east/west; though generally considered true is somewhat inaccurate as it limits the globalisation of islam and morality; among other things.
furthermore, while i applaud your efforts in your post on pointing out the sheer irony of labellign muslims terrorists when members of other faith groups do most of the harmful activity; if we point out one faith community we're only doing what we hate being done to us
and if i were a typical american looking at those posts i might be turned off by such an indirect attack on christianty..

may Allah swt reward your efforts!

Hamid said...

walaikum salam!

Agree with the points u have made.

shukran kaseeran for letting me know your views in this regard.

ameen@ ur dua.


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