Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hearts die but not Love.

O brothers in brethen! Here is a simple and sweet message for your eyes to read,your ears to hear,your heart to ponder upon and your mind to contemplate.
Strange is the visa of life.It can be cancelled at any time.The duration of its validity is unknown and its date of extension is too impossible.

So live a life of peace and love, not a life of regrets.

To hear what is unspoken,to see what is invisible,to feel without being touched is what Love is-One of the most beautiful and powerful emotion.

I was, I'm and I will be in love with the one who created it,created my humble heart where love resides and which feels peace and tranquility in his magnificent and mighty words which are full of knowledge and wisdom.

One can fall in love with anyone,anywhere,anytime-that's easy.But to be in love with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way-that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.

We have been given 2 eyes to see,2 ears to hear,2 lips to speak,2 hands to hold,2 legs to walk ,2 nostrils to breathe and 2 kidneys to excrete but why 1 heart? Because we have been asked to search for the 2nd one.So search it silently without breaking anyone's heart.

Remember....Forget never...!

Spects can be replaced if they are broken,clothes can be sewen if they are torned,Buttons can be stiched if they get removed,Machine can be repaired if its worn out,Hands and legs can be settled back if they are fractured,But if and only if heart is broken,it cannot be joined,so never ever break anyone's heart,if you break someone's your's will be broken.

I always love a heart which have knowledge like of learned ones,love like of mothers,humor like of chidren,attitue like of optimist ,skills like of teachers.In simple words a humble heart which has manners of wise and humility of poor.

Live as long as u wish,death will surely approach you,love whoever u wish,u shall tatse its separation,do whatever u can, you will be accountable accordingly.

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Muslim said...

Nice Writing

However I do believe as everything else in life love fades if its not nutured unless there is something or someone that binds it together. There are many instance s people who married their love of their life and they ended up divorcing, love was replaced by anger and hatred.

We should make ourselves someone who is worth loving.


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