Thursday, February 05, 2009

Knowledge -- The Wealth of the poor & Embellishment of the rich.

Science should not be praised nor it should be cursed but it should be used.In any case science is not the pure truth as some people see it and some others claim it to be,infact it is one of the roads towards the truth.-Sheik Sadi

Science without islamic tools,is deadly lame and ceases to be really science.-Albert Einstein

Acquire knowledge,It enables the possessor to distinguish right from wrong,it light the way to heaven,it is our friend in the desert,our society in solitude,our companion when friendless,it guide us to happiness,it sustains us in misery,it is an ornament among friends and armour against enemies.-Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him)

Its better to teach knowledge one hour in the night than to pray the whole night.(unknown salaf)

The honor bestowed upon a learned man far surpasses that of a ruler in the hearts of the masses.(unkown salaf)

It is nothing but the true knowledge which takes man to the height of honor which cannot be measured off-Hamid
People are often distinguished by their thoughts and ideas, and a person is only ranked by his peers according to his level and depth of thinking. Likewise, by speaking to someone and listening to his/her speech, their level of intelligence, their depth of reflection and extent of contemplation is displayed.

So friends & foes,go after knowledge,should you become poor it will be your wealth,should you become rich it will be your embellishment.Remember that Only those who have true knowledge are honoured in the sight of Almighty Allah.

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