Saturday, February 21, 2009

Isn't that sheer stupidity?

Yes Indeed!...Falling in love with a fading shadow(beauty) and taking unlawful pleasures in the fleeting world is sheer stupidity.
Because...Age is a departing guest and beauty a declining shadow.
Neither all flowers have same colour nor all fruits have equal taste.
Neither all birds can fly nor all animals can run.
Neither all eggs are hatched in to chicks nor all human babies are born healthy.

Yet every flower,fruit,bird,animal,chick and baby is unique in thier own way and
is created for a purpose to be fulfilled.

So it's not your greatness if you are born fair and it's not you'r mistake if you are born black.Remember your way passes over your grave.You will be dealt with as you deal with others,you will reap what you sow and what you send today will meet you tomorrow and that death will be the ultimate measure of everyone.

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