Thursday, January 01, 2009

O My Lord! Accept it.

O' Allah,possessor of majesty,magnificence,and might,let comfort take the place of sorrow,make happiness come after sadness, and let safety take place of fear.

O' Allah,Soothe burning hearts with the coolness of faith.

O' our lord,Guide the confused ones to your light and those that are astray to your guidance.

O Allah,Remove evil whispers from our hearts and replace the with light,destroy falsehood with truth,and crush the evil pots of the devil with your army of angels.

O' Allah Remove from us misery,affliction and anxiety.

We seek refuge in you from fearing anything except you,from depending upon anyone except upon you,from putting our full trust in anyone except in you,and from invoking anyone other than you.You are the supreme patron and an excellent protector.

Source:From the book 'Dont be Sad'

1 comment:

soul_of_amuslim said...

asslamu alikum .. ameeeeeeeen ... “None has the right to be worshipped but You, far removed
are You from imperfection! I have been one of those who have
wronged themselves!


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