Friday, December 26, 2008

Her Advice Made Him Rich.

It is narrated amongst the bani Israel (descendants of prophet Yaqub,on whom be peace) was a righteous man who had a kind hearted wife.One night ,this man dreamt that he was told that AlMighty Allah had fixed a paRticular life span for him.Half of it was to be in prosperity and other half in difficulties.He had the choice of whichever condition he desires to have in the later life.The man requested for some time as he wanted to consult his wife as he had always sought her counsel in important matters.Next day,he related the dream to his wife who told him to ask for a prosperous life first.She said,"And hurry up to obtain it".May be Almighty Allah desires to grant us with his bounties."The next night when he was asked in his dream he said that he wished for prosperity in the earlier part of life.He was told that his wish shall be fulfilled.Thus,he began to recieve all types of bounties and comforts.His wealth and prosperty increased.Then his wife said,"O slave of Almighty Allah! Now you help your relatives and other deprived people.Do good to them.Give that particular thing to that neighbour and something to that friend of yours."This man followed the advice of his wife and was not stingy in giving his wealth in charity.In this way half the life passd.Again he dreamt of the same person and he was saying,"You were not stingy in charity,therefore the Almighty Allah had decided to grant you prosperity in the later half of your life also."

Source: Young Muslim Digest

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hikmet said...

the four steps are very very succinctly put, masha'allah.

Assalamu Alikum


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