Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dedicated to Muslim Mothers!!!

A poem dedicated to my Mother as well as all Muslim Mothers around the


JMy Mother J My Paradise J

"Lord be merciful to them for they have brought me up in my childhood." (Qur'an:17:24)

vShe served me until this day

J Her love is like , mine a ray

vShe lost sleep for me to dream

J She left food, for me to be fed

vOf mind and body she suffered

J Her grew as me she carried

vI kicked at her bosom when an infant

J Yet she fondled me without being hesitant

vShe inspired my legs and taught me to walk

J All the words I pronounced listening to her talk

vAll my acts of worship are but under her feet

J Not 2- But 3 words I need to show her respect

vIf this son were to enter paradise

J The warmth of her feet would be the cause

vHer prayers for me are sincere than my own

J She bore all the pain to see me so far grown

vThe pleasure of my Lord

J Is in doing to her good

vEven as I laid in her womb

J Or be buried in the tomb-

vShe will continue to pour

J And for me forever…

vIf His Mercy is the entrance

J She is the to my paradise!

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