Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our Beloved Prophet .

My beloved Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

Your footsteps we strive to follow,

Your example turns our heart mellow;

This world as you predicted changed so much,

Falling off the path became as easy as eating lunch;

That seed that was planted in our hearts long ago,

Still has roots to help our Iman grow;

We may fall deeper into despair,

We remember your words to help climb those stairs

To reach the top to be closer to you,

Is the way you taught us to do;

Your goal must be our ultimate goal,

To reach Jannah would be a pot of gold;

We are human let us not forget,

We ask for forgiveness and do repent;

But most of all we must thank you,

For being there to show us the way,

We are all endebted to you in this way.

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