Friday, July 29, 2016

Love Re-defined...Sacrifice Re-stored!

This Little enthralling story of love n sacrifice is a real one with slight edition, but I couldn't find the real source for it.

I'm raising my brothers. They have to finish their education. I'm eating rice with smashed potatoes daily in my lunch from past ten years. I have no other choice as I have to save money for my brothers, I can’t spend it for fish or vegetables. They were very young when my parents died in an accident. From that time I'm my brother’s parents. In school when teacher asked my youngest brother to write a paragraph on ‘My family’, he wrote, ‘My brother is my father and mother.’ He got 3 out of 10 and said, he will never correct it even if the teacher gives him zero. They are my life.
Now I can have the same lunch for the rest of my life, for bringing smiles on their faces.’ - Raihan

Now watch this speechless yet emotional short  movie by bro Fahad Maqsusi...

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