Saturday, June 11, 2016

Few Extracts...

Shaykh Muhammed bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen rahimahullah said:
From the wisdom of fasting is that it breaks down the soul and puts restrictions to its pride until it submits to the truth and is humble to the creation. For verily, satisfaction from food, drink, and intimacy with women all lead to self-deceit, pride and arrogance, which ultimately results in belittling the creation and rejecting the truth. That is because when the soul needs these things it becomes busy in trying to obtain them, but once a person obtains them, he feels like he has succeeded in his(mission).This produce within him the blameworthy pride which leads to his destruction. Surely the safe one is he who is saved by Allah.

[Taken from "Sitting during the blessed month of R
amadhaan"-page 86]

"Sahoor" with an "a" is the actual food eaten. "Suhoor" with a "u" is the act of eating the food.
A person should not leave the sahoor meal even if he does not feel like eating; he can have something very light, a small snack in order to implement the Sunnah.

-Shaik Salih al-fawzan: Buloogh al-Maram

" To shorten durood ( sallallahu-alaihi-wa sallam) to 'SAW' is a proof of one's laziness."

-Sh Muqbil Rahimahullah[ الاْ جوبة علي أسْلة العيزري]   

"The first person to use symbol of '  ص  ' for shortening ( Sallallahu-Alahi wa sallam), his hands were cut."

-Imam as-Suyuti rahimahullah [تدريب الراوي]

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