Friday, July 26, 2013

When provoked in anger...

"When Mu'awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan was provoked in anger, he went to war with the Romans upon ships for the first time in Islamic History.

When al-Mu'tasim Billah was provoked in anger, he conquered the City of 'Amuriyyah', a stronghold of the Byzantines.

When Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi was provoked in anger, he swore to never smile again until Palestine was returned to the Muslims.

When 'Abdur-Rahman al-Ghafiqi was provoked in anger, his Muslim Army reached the center of Paris.

When Muhammad al-Fatih was provoked in anger, he conquered Constantinople, a stronghold of the Romans.

But when the Arab rulers, scholars, and kings of today get angry, they send a letter of complaint to the United Nations...

May Allah have mercy on the days when the anger of the Muslims was in the form of an army, the end of which could not even be seen.

-Taken from FB.

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