Thursday, July 11, 2013

Q's from Qur'an.

1) Who is the one who has no second?
2) What are the two that have no third?
3) What are the three that have no fourth?
4) What are the four that have no fifth?
5) What are the five that have no sixth?
6) What are the six that have no seventh?
7) What are the seven that have no eighth?
8) What are the eight that have no ninth?
9) What are the nine that have no tenth?
10) What are the ten that have no eleventh?
11) Who are the eleven brothers who had no sisters?
12) What is the Miracle that consist of twelve things?
13) Who is the family of thirteen?
14) What are the fourteen things that spoke to Allah?

15) Who are the ones who lied but will enter paradise? 

16) Who are the people who were truthful but they will enter the hell fire? 

17) What is the thing that Allah created and renounced it?
18) What are the things that were created without a father and mother?
19) Mention the number of angels that guard over the hell.
20) Name the only country which is mentioned twice in Qur'an by its present Arabic name.

a) Answers with Qur'anic references will be much appreciated.
b) Answer should be send before eid and at
c) Should mention your name, city and profession.

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