Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Things...

"Ask Allah to keep 3 things away from you: Poverty, life-constraints, and sorrow. 

And ask Him to preserve 3 things for you: Your soul, your family, and your religion. 

And ask Him to delight you with 3 things: Extended provisions, gratitude for blessings, and a long life.

And ask Him to divert 3 things away from you: The Fire of Hell, the eye of the jealous one, and the rancor of the spiteful ones.

Ameen O Allah, Lord of the Worlds."


sara begum said...

Mashaallah & subhanallah very beautiful meaning of this dua..plz if u can post this dua in english & post in comments would be a great blessing..plz..jazaakaallahu khairun.

Hamid said...

salam alaikum.

The English translation of the Arabic text in the pic is already mentioned in the post.

sara begum said...

Walaikumssalam i need the Arabic text (dua)in roman english like this:Allahumma antas salaam wa minka as-salaam,tabaarak ta yaa dha'l-jalaali wal ikraam...jazaakaallahu khairun.

Hamid said...

Alright, i shall post it after tuesday Inshallah as im goin out of station for some work.

sara begum said...

Jazaakaallahu khairun..

Hamid said...

I apologize for the delay.

It would be better if you ask someone who is well versed in reading arabic text, for you, so that you can pronounce it correctly while making dua for yourself. arabic text pronounciation will be somewhat different from the below roman english text.Dua sounds better if tajweed rules are applied and the meanings of the words are known.

Here it is in roman english...

As'alallahu aye ya'bud ankum,
al-faqr, waz-zaiq, wal-hamm.

Wa-in yahfazu lakum salasa,
nafsak, wa -ahlak wa-deenik.

Wa-iye yas'alkum bi-salasa,
sa'atar rizq, wash-shukrun-neymata, wa-taulul umur.

wa-iye yasrif ankum salasa,
nara jahannam, wa-a'inil husudi, wa ghillil huqood.

Allahumma A'meen ya rabbal A'lameen.

sara begum said...

Inshallah i wll do so..jazaakallahu khairin..


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