Friday, March 22, 2013

A Poet Wrote...

Know that Love came from God, while Lust came from the devil.
Love is wonderful,while Lust is not.
Woe onto those who said Love is hurtfulfor they have yet to taste the true love.
Love is an eternity pleasurable thingIt can not harm the lover nor the beloved.
But lust is a hurtful thing, for its pleasures are only temporary.
People complains on how they were hurt when they were in love.
What liars are they? for they have yet to taste the true love.
For what they thought is love was actually lust.
Love is one of the purest thing in the world,
It is what makes the World go around.
The reason that every atom is vibrating.
For their love for the Divine is uncontrollable,
For He is the Most Loving!

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