Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Man Intends One Thing and Allah Intends Something better

In the biography of the great tabi'ee Abu Muslim Al-Khawalani, this amazing incident occurred:

The wife of Abu Muslim said, 'O Abu Muslim, we do not have flour'. He said, 'Do you have anything (of our belonging)?

' She replied, 'One Dirham from the wool we sold'. He said, 'Give it to me and bring me the bag'.

He then entered the market place and stood over a man that sells food. A beggar came and asked him, 'O Abu Muslim, give me charity', and ran away. Abu Muslim went to another shop and the beggar followed and said, 'give me charity'. After getting weary, Abu Muslim gave him the money.

He then took his bag and filled it with saw dust and sand. He went back home worried, opened the door, threw the bag in and left.

His wife looked inside the bag and found white flour. She then mixed it and baked bread.

After the beginning of the night passed, Abu Muslim returned and opened the door. When he entered, she brought him some white loaves of bread. He said, 'From where did you get this?' She replied, 'Abu Muslim, it is from the flour you brought!'

He began to eat and weep at the same time.

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