Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pray with Love .

It is said that a mouse fell in love with a camel. It was Love at first sight!

To express its love, the mouse called the camel over to its house and said:

The house and everything you find in it is all yours!

The camel looked at the house, and then looked at the mouse, and said:

“Either find a house that befits the one you love, or find another love that fits your house”.

Ibn al-Qayim –Rahimahu Allah- said:

“The same goes to you:

Either make your Salah befitting of your Lord, or seek a Lord who is fitting of your Salah” [1].

What then can be said to the many Muslims nowadays who are neglectful of the importance of Khushou’ and concentration in Salah, and do not strive within themselves during every Salah to perfect it for the sake of Allah?

Ibn al-Qayim –Rahimahu Allah- also says in the same book:

“It was said to one of them that: We find ourselves distracted in our Salah.

He said: Is it the Jannah (Paradise) you are thinking about, or are they the Hur al-Ayn (women of Paradise) [that have taken your minds away], or is it the Day of Judgement [that is causing you to be distracted]?

They replied: Rather it is [affairs of] this worldly life [that] is distracting us.

He said: It is more beloved to me that you go between spearheads than that which you just mentioned.

You stand in your prayers with your body, directing your face to the Qiblah, while your heart is directed to a different territory?!

Woe to you!

That prayer [of yours] is not worthy of  being a Mahr (dowry) for Paradise, how then can it be befitting for [attaining] the Love [of Allah]!" [2].

[1] Adopted by al-Sirat al-Mustaqeem team from: Badae’ al-Fawaed 3/754 by Ibn al-Qayim
[2] Same source 3/753

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