Wednesday, August 08, 2012

His last wish!

Let me know if you have any  last wish, a muslim judge asked a poor muslim prisoner who was accused with false charges in an assassination case. He was left out with half an hour to be hanged up.

Prisoner :  My last wish is to  recite the whole  Qur'aan once, to give Zakath once and to do Hajj once.

Judge: Surprised! How all these three things are possible in half an hour?. So you want me to give you one year time,  so that you can give zakath and do hajj.

Prisoner: Not at all sir. Enough for me is that half an hour.

Judge : It's really Amazing then.

The prisoner does all the three things sincerely and the judge gets so impressed and happy that he embrace the prisoner and dismisses the charges leveled against him .The whole audience gets emotional and raise the takbeer....Allahuakber!

Now you have to tell how the prisoner did all those three things .


Anonymous said...

jazak-ALLAH khair bro,,could u plz tell us how he did all three things

Hamid said...

sure inshallah tomorrow.

Center of Islamic Education said...

me very curious! Please let me know how he did it.

Hamid said...

check the post ~Answers unveiled!


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