Friday, June 08, 2012

Teaching without Hurting feelings..

Once, a bedouin came to Madinah from his village. The poor villager was illiterate and knew very little about Islam. He did not even know how to make Wudu’.
The time for Salah came. The bedouin sat down to make Wudu’ but did not know how. He made many mistakes.
Hassan (ra) and Hussain (ra), the grandsons of Prophet Muhammad (sws), were still very young. They saw the bedouin struggling through Wudu’ and wanted to teach him how to do it correctly. But they didn’t want to embarrass the bedouin or hurt his feelings by telling him that he did not know how to make Wudu’.
They thought up a unique way to teach the bedouin the correct way to wash before Salah. Both of them approached him with a jar full of water and sat by his side. They said, “Uncle, we want to  make Wudu’. Can you help us? Please watch and tell us if  we make a mistake.”
Then both of them made Wudu’ in the correct manner. The bedouin watched them and learned the correct way to make Wudu’.
Thus, Hassan (ra) and Hussain (ra) were able to teach an elder about religion without hurting his feelings.
Our elders do so much for us. They care for us. They love us, We must be considerate and respectful of them also, as were Hassan (ra) and Hussain (ra).
Source: “The Salary of the Khalifah.” By Abidullah Ghazi

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