Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Real and Funny Incident:

A young man calls in to Shaikh Muhammad al 'Arefy during a live broadcast.
The young man says he's in love and cannot forget his love and asks for the Shaikh's advice.
The Shaikh advices the young man to seek help from Allah and do much du'a (supplication).
The young man asks the Shaikh if there are any special du'a he can do to get rid of this love that has attached itself in the heart. The Shaikh advises him to say the following du'a: "O Allah, let there be Noor (light) in my heart, Noor in my eyes, Noor in my ears ..." The Shaikh doesn’t get to finish the dua as he’s interrupted by the young man, "Please, please honorable Shaikh,  stop." The Shaikh wonders if he said anything wrong?

The young man replies, "The girl I'm in love with is named Noor."

The Shaikh started laughing so much that he had to stop the program and take a break.

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