Monday, June 18, 2012

For those who lost their young ones...

مات لرجل ولد فعزاه سفيان بن عيينة و آخرون و هو في حزن شديد حتى جاءه الفضيل بن عياض فقال: يا هذا أرأيت لو كنت في سجن و ابنك, فأفرج عن ابنك قبلك أما كنت تفرح؟؟ قال: بلى, قال: فإن ابنك خرج من سجن الدنيا قبلك, فسري عن الرجل و قال: تعزيت

تسلية أهل المصائب

A man’s child passed away, so Sufyan ibn Uyaynah and others gave him condolence, for he was in sever grief. Until Fudail ibn Iyad came and said: O you! Do you not see if you and your son were in prison and your son was released before you, would you not then be pleased? The man replied: Of course. Fudail said: ‘Then your son has left the prison of this dunya before you. The grief left the man, and he said: “You have consoled me.”

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