Thursday, October 27, 2011

Confronting fate with happiness.

Umar bin abdul aziz (R.a) is reported to have said as he was covering over his young son’s body with sand ; “May Allah have Rahmah on you my son – you have always been a source of goodness for your father. I was always happy with you during your life(of righteousness and acts pleasing to Allah) and now by your death, I am more happy with you (by drawing me closer to Allah )”

SubhaanAllah, ya rabbi put in our hearts what you gave this ‘abd of yours whose happiness and unhappiness was measured only by closeness to his Rabb !!!

When he was once asked “what do you desire /love most for yourself?” He replied “Ma yaqdhillahu ‘azza wa Jal – whatever Allah, the Sublimely Majestic has decreed for me ” !!!

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