Friday, July 22, 2011

Nasheed about Beloved Prophet.

I love its lyrics and the melody too.My heart swing in love when i listen to this kind of Arabic nasheeds though i cannot understand it fully. Inshallah i would  share few more  lovely  arabic nasheeds in ramadan to which i listen frequently. Ibz hazm rightly said regarding the beauty of Arabic language:

It's the most comprehensive of all languages, the clearest in expression, the least ambiguous, the most concise, and the most extensive in vocabulary to comprehend the names of all things, whether substances or accidents.


Anonymous said...


I was actually wondering, what is the name of the nasheed playing in the background when I visit your blog. Can I find it on youtube?

By the way, I really don't remember how I came across your blog but alhamduiallah I did. Very enlightening.

Hamid said...

walaikum salam.

Ats arab kids nasheeds. no u cannot i guess. shukran for dropping by.


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