Monday, July 25, 2011

A Masjid by a Strange Name.

This is a small masjid in the area of ‘Fatih’ in Istanbul. The name of this masjid is “Sanky Yadm” in Turkish, meaning “As if i ate”. Behind this name is a story that has a great moral.

There once lived a pious man in the area of Fatih, who’s name was Khairuldeen Afandi. Whenever he and his friends would walk the markets and desired to purchase a fruit, meat or a type of sweet, he would say “Sanky Yadm” (“As if I ate”)

As in, as if i ate (the fruit, meat, sweat or whatever it is he desired). He would then place the cost of whatever it is he desired to purchase in a box he kept.
Months and years passed and this man was still abstaining from the desire of food, except that which sufficed his health.

The money in the box was growing and growing until…he was able to build a small masjid with this money!
And when the people of that area came to know of the story, they called the masjid “Sanky Yadm”.

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