Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Day This Pain Will Make Sense To You.

Allah gives us gifts, but then we come to love them as we should only love Him. We take those gifts and inject them into our hearts, until they take over. Soon we cannot live without them. Every waking moment is spent in contemplation of them, in submission and worship to them. The mind and the heart that was created by Allah, for Allah, becomes the property of someone or something else. And then the fear comes. The fear of loss begins to cripple us. The gift—that should have remained in our hands—takes over our heart, so the fear of losing it consumes us. Soon, what was once a gift becomes a weapon of torture and a prison of our own making. How can we be freed of this? At times, in His infinite mercy, Allah frees us…by taking it away.
Yasmin Mogahed


stargazer said...

right. jazalAllah for the reminder. and clear it up soo nicely

Z. Huda said...

Salaam'un 3laikum My Beloved Brother Hamid.

While leaving, she told me about your blog, and said, "This is a nice blog, You can find inspirational stories and quotes, anything to heal you, to sooth your heart when I'm not with you anymore." and she was absloutely right, each letter you use in this blog, and each single dot you put here are precious for me, for I know maybe the same lines which I read, she reads it too. I love it when you open our eyes, awaring us for who we are...May Allah reward you for all these things. Blessed Ramadan and advanced EID MUBARAK to everyone. Peace, Love, Light & Unity briefly one Muslim World, Humanity. ❤❤❤

Hamid said...

walaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

All praise is due to Allah Azzawajal alone whose guidance has guided me to make this beneficial blog and make a means of goodness for everyone of us.

shukran kaseeran for your feedback and mesmerizing message.

May Allah Enlighten what is dark in you, Strengthen what is weak in you, Mend what is broken in you, Bind what is bruised in you Heal what is sick in you,and Revive whatever Peace and Love that has died in you. - Ameen


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