Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God of the sinners.

Once Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) called upon His Lord in Mount Sinai,

“O God of the world!” And Allah responded, “Labbayk (Here I am)”.

 Musa continued and called, “O God of the obedient ones!” And Allah responded,

“Labbayk (Here I am)”. Then Musa said, “O God of the sinners!”

Upon this Allah(swt) said: “Labbayk, Labbayk, Labbayk!” 

So Musa asked Allah(swt), “O God, what is the wisdom behind responding to me only once when I called you with the best of Your names, and thrice when I said “O God of the sinners?” Allah(swt) said: “O Musa! Surely the knowing ones rely on their recognition, the virtuous upon their virtue, and the obedient upon their obedience. But the sinful have none save me. So if they despair from me, with whom can they take refuge?”


Niqaabi said...

Masha'Allah this is a lovely blog (makes mine look drab in comparison!), i particularly like the side panel. May Allah give you the strength to carry on, Ameen!

Hamid said...

Do not compare yourself with anyone. Everyone has been given something special.Seven colors make a rainbow...every color has its own importance. Anyways shukran for your appreciation and for ur dua.


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