Saturday, January 29, 2011

You talk to me First.

Once a husband and a wife had a very big argument. It so happened that they were angry at each other and made a very grave mistake. The argument was a really big one that they got so annoyed with each other that the man without thinking said "I swear by Allah that I will never talk 2 u until u talk to me first." Soon after, the wife because of her anger said to her husband "I, too, swear by Allah that I will not talk to you unless u talk to me first" This was an oath they both made. At first they didn't realize the mistake they made but after a few days they became very lonely.

However an oath is an oath and they cant do anything about it (by the way we should know that three days should not pass with enmity). Meanwhile they went to pious leaders to ask for a solution to their problem. But no matter how many people they asked no one could solve it. this happened at the time of Imam Abu Hanifa, so they finally went to him. They thought it was useless as no one could solve the problem. But surprisingly he didn't find it difficult, in fact he solved it in a few seconds.

Can you figure out the solution?

Answer: The husband said that he would not speak to his wife until she speaks to him. The wife then said that she would not speak to him until he speaks to her. However, when she made her comment, she spoke to him. Therefore, the husband was now free to speak to her.

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