Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time for Islamization.

O Tyrant Puppets, O Treacherous Rulers! For how long will you continue to lick America's boots.

The world is at a cross road. Our time is difficult. The present is unstable. But Insha‘Allah the future is bright. The signs of 'American century' coming to an end are very clear. Anyone with profound knowledge can see this very happening. America is becoming weak. She is weary. She is fragile. Her global reach has been dented. Her global ambition is even challenged by countries like North Korea. She does not solely control the world any more. She is stabbed by the apparent rise of Russia and China. But there is an even bigger challenge she is facing; saving her status quo in remaining in the reign of world‘s only global state.~Abu Abdullah.

The world has witnessed an eruption of unparalleled magnitude in the Muslim world over the past two weeks. Muslims the world over from Pakistan, to Tunisia, to Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan and even Albania have showed their utter mistrust and disapproval of the tyrant rulers imposed upon them. The demonstrators have shown great courage inspired by the Muslims of Tunisia. These demonstrations have erupted from the frustrated hearts of the Ummah and are a sincere display of the Islamic sentiment.  
Pressure has now built to unprecedented levels in the Muslim world and now these regimes are offering a few crumbs to appease the people and buy them off, hoping they'll settle for something cosmetic that will appear like a victory but will only uphold the status quo of the ugly regime.Perhaps the regime will offer a few reforms, some handouts of money or food, the promise of an election or even a new face to replace the old tyrant but who will continue to oppress them and prevent the real solution for the disastrous situation to emerge. Real change does not come through a change of faces. It doesn't come from a plodding reform. It is sudden, it is sweeping, it is uncompromising and it is comprehensive. Genuine change is to remove the systems of kufr in our lands once and for all. Genuine change is to return to what the people of the region have lived under the Khilafah for over a thousand years. Genuine change is for the Ummah to liberate herself from the shackles of its oppressors and return again to living under the shade of the Islamic Khilafah state.
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Life of Muslima said...

I love ur blog mashAllah,the design is so nice,i wish I could make it like that too :( hehe

Hamid said...

shukran for dropping by. Yes you can make even better,if you try Inshallah.

Life of Muslima said...

I always wanted to put nasheed or quran,but i dont know how,how did u do that? JazakAllah khair,ur big inspration may Allah reward!

Hamid said...

You just need put a code for that and don't worry,I will send you.


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