Monday, November 01, 2010

A Wise Wife.

Abu Sa'id  related that in the time of the Children of Israel there was a good man who had a pious, judicious and tactful wife. An inspiration came down to the Prophet of the Age saying, 'Inform that good man that We have predestined him to spend one half of his life in poverty and one half in wealth. Let him choose now whether the poverty shall be during his youth or during his old age.' The young man on hearing this went to his wife and said, 'O wife, this is the command which has come down from God on High. How do you suggest that I choose?' 'What is your choice?' she asked. 'Come,' he replied, 'let us choose the poverty during our youth, so that when hardship comes we may have strength to endure it.(Moreover), when we grow old we shall need something to eat if we are to be free from cares and capable of properly obeying (God's commands).' Thereupon his wife said, 'O husband, if we are poor during our youth, we shall be unable to obey God's (commands) properly then; and thereafter, when we shall have thrown to the winds the prime of our life and grown weak, how shall we perform the duties involved in obeying (God)? Let us therefore choose the wealth now, so that we may during our youth have strength both to obey God's commands and to practise charity.' 'Your opinion is the right one', said the husband; 'let us act accordingly.' Then (another) inspiration came down to the Prophet of the Age, (and the message for that man and his wife was this): 'Now that you are striving to obey Us and that your intention is good, I who am the Sustainer of all life will cause you to pass (straight) to wealth. Continue striving to obey My commands, and of whatever I give you give part for alms so that both this world and the next may be yours.'

A good helpmate will do (you) good in this world's and the next world's affairs alike.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing, brother!

MuslimFirst said...

Ma'sha'allah, so beautiful!


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