Friday, November 05, 2010

Get the anger out.

Communication works on the thinking of a person (cause),though the impact is slow, it is permanent.On the contarray, anger works only on the action of a person (effect), though the impact is immediate, it is only temporaray.What you shout for, you will have to keep shouting at.Your peace is the price you pay for your anger.Whats the point? While anger expresed, hurts others and anger supressed hurts you, because it takes more energy to hold an emotion that to express it.Continous supression leads to depression.So neither supressing anger nor expressing anger is the solution.Transcending anger is the only solution.To transcend anger, you must first understand anger.Anger is not a result of what the world does to you.It is the basic expression of your inability to be in control of the situation.It is through awareness alone, you will transcend anger.So let awareness in and get the anger out.

Remember! Anger is only one alphabet shorter than danger.

From Frozen Thoughts.

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