Saturday, November 06, 2010

Spoken Silence.

Silence is an absence.
           Silence is profound.
                      Silence is a conversation.

Being had without sound
         Silence is an expression
                    One that cannot be heard

Silence cannot be spoken
            Although it is a word
                          Silence is a presence

Of great nothingness
     Silence can be something
                And yet cease to exist

Silence can fill a room
           And have no mass at all
                 Silence cannot be dropped, yet it can fall

Silence is a mystery
           That will forever go unsolved
                   Silence is how every sound can swiftly be dissolved

Silence is the sound of rest
           The only sound that can sound best
                  While other sounds can cause great pain

Silence is not the sound to blame
               For Silence is what silence is.


Anonymous said...

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MuslimFirst said...


This reminds me of when I am with my best friend here - a girl - but don't worry, it's a healthy relationship . .I can just be walking with her without speaking and it's just lovely . . sometimes silence is beautiful in and of itself - just being in the moment. Don't if that sounds spiritual or romantic, but for me at least, it is small moments like those that are precious/valuable.

That's what came to mind upon reading these words.

Jazak'Allahu Khairan

A Girl Who Believed In Angels said...

My silence shud say it all!

Hamid said...

@ Muslim first~ Wow thats sweet of you akhee.Shukran for sharing with me your precious moments.May Allah make your exams easy for you.Ameen.

@ A girl~ welcome here! oh really! thank you.

sarah said...

this was a very sweet little poem. u have got a good,informative blog out here. good to see a fellow Muslim spreading knowledge :)
keep up d good work...keep blogging :)

Hamid said...

@ sarah~ welcome sis! thanks you for appreciation.InshAllah sure.

Farzeen said...


Nice poem masha'Allah... well said.

I probably would have ended the poem at "Silence is the sound of rest" since it's a bit of a romanticized perspective (in my opinion based on my interpretation of your words) to say that it is "the only sound that can cause best while other sounds can cause great pain." The absence of sound, i.e. the presence of silence, can be a severe pain, and silence itself can be the sound of pain.

"Silence is not the sound to blame..." hmm.. perhaps. I'll have to think about this one a bit longer.

Your poem invites an interesting topic to think about..the voice of silence...


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