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Al-Khalifat-us-Saleh ~ The Pious Caliph.

Fatimah, the wife of Caliph Umar Bin Abdul Aziz, narrated about his illness: That night, his shivering became uncontrollable and he couldn’t sleep, so we kept a vigil over him and didn’t sleep either. In the morning, I told a servant of his known as Marthad, “O Marthad, stay with the Amir Al-Mu’minin and if he has any single need then at least you are at hand.”
We left and fell into a deep sleep due to the previous night spent awake. It was well into the day once we awoke and we went to see (Umar) and found Marthad sleeping outside the house. I woke him up and said, “What are you doing outside Marthad?!”
Marthad replied, “He told me to get out! He said to me, ‘Marthad, leave me! By Allah, I see something which is neither human nor jinn!’ When I came out, I heard him recite: ‘We grant the Home in the Hereafter to those who do not seek superiority on earth or spread corruption: the happy ending is awarded to those who are pious.’ (Qur’an, al-Qasas, 83)
“So I entered the room again and I saw his face turned and his eyes were closed. He had passed away.” (Tarikh Al-Tabari, 4/72)

When 'Umar ibn Abd al Aziz died, the learned men came to his wife to express sympathy and say how great a calamity had struck the people of Islam by his death. And they said to her, 'Tell us about him - for the one who knows best about a man is his wife'.

And she said: "Indeed he never used to pray or fast more than the rest of you, but I never saw a servant of God who feared Him more than 'Umar. He devoted his body and his soul to the people. All day he would sit tending to their affairs, and when night came he would sit up while business remained. One evening when he had finished everything, he called for his lamp - from which he used to buy the oil from his own money - and prayed two prostrations. Then he sat back on his folded legs, with his chin in his hands, and the tears ran down from his cheeks, and this didn't stop until dawn, when he rose for a day of fasting.

I said to him, 'Commander of the Believers, was there some matter that troubled you this night?' And he said, 'Yes, I saw how I was occupied while governing the affairs of the community, all its black sheep and its white sheep, and I remembered the stranger, beggared and straying, and the poor and the needy, and the prisoners in captivity, and all like them in the far places of the earth, and I realised that God most high would ask me about all of them, and Muhammad would testify about them, and I feared that I should find no excuse when I was with God, and no defence with Muhammad(saw).'

And even when 'Umar was with me in bed, where a man usually find some pleasure with his wife, if he remembered some affair of God's (people), he would be upset as a bird that had fallen into the water. Then his weeping would rise until I would throw off the blankets in kindness to him. 'By God' he would say, 'How I wish that there was between me and this office the distance of the East from the West!'

While Umar's reign was very short, he is considered one of the finest caliphs in Islamic History, second only to the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs.Umar was a great-grandson of the second Rightly Guided Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab.Umar's leadership cannot be compared to any other person's - it was so unique. Different leaders reigned before and after him but none could break his record. He died in the year 719 CE, after ruling for two years and five months. His subjects mourned in great pain, saying that, they would never have a leader like umar.

When the Khalifah died the Roman emperor is reported to have said:

“I should not be the least surprised if a monk renounces the world and busies himself in worship behind closed doors, but I am simply amazed at this man who has a vast empire at his feet but he rejected it and lived the life of a monk.”
The Memory of Caliph 'Umar bin Abdul-Aziz by his Wife
Abu Yusuf (d. 182 AH / 798 AD)
Taken from the Book of Land Tax


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that was indeed heart warming... beautiful mashallah

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yea very much indeed! my heart weep whenever i read about Umar bin Abdul Aziz (r).

Shukran for your sweet comment.

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