Sunday, May 23, 2010


Not mine,but his.Whose? His.Who is he? He is her's. Who is she? She is his's. Oh! Well who are they? They are they.Wait till i say...

There lived a couple who were very rich because of their love,noble because of their characters and beautiful because of their manners.After many years of thier life,one day they set out for the blessed journey to the holy land (bait-ul-haram).On their way, the chubby asked her hubby:Dear I have a strange question in my mind from few days,may I ask you?
He said:Hmm, seems interesting, go ahead and ask please, and know that my answer would not be less amazing.She said: Wow ! That's wonderful then,well if you were asked to select any one of these choices:

1) Me.
2) Kindom of this country.
3) Mountains of gold and silver.

Then what will be your choice? He replied without thinking or blinking: My choice would be purely me i.e you.She inquired with a pleasant smile:Why? Can I get a reason for that, please.
He replied: Well my dear,Listen! I may survive without you, for a year or two,choosing the rest two choices but I may not live without you, even for a day or two.Can I?
Acknowledging his knowledge and wisdom she said bursting out of love and joy: Wallahi, you have said the fact, my love, I love you.Truly my need for you and your's for me is like that of the two wings of a beautiful bird.It can't fly with one but naturally two.

Opinion: I think, in this world everything can be price tagged but not these three: Love,Life and Faith.It's easy to survive but to live is difficult. Many people survive today but only few, LIVE.

Source:My Mini Mind


Texan in UAE said...

Thanks brother! what a wonderful post.

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

welcome sis!.What a wonderful comment...

yeah786 said...

JazakAllahuKhayrn for sharing.. : ))
May Allah SWT bless us with righteous and pious spouses ameen..

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

walaikum salam @yeah786.

Indeed faith and love makes anything and anyone noble and beautiful.

Shukran for sweet comment.

Ameen summa ameen for your hearty dua.

Surely i shall remember you in my supplications Inshallah.


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