Saturday, May 29, 2010

He Lost Her.

There was a great scholar in egypt who was imprisoned by the arrogant and brutal government people for speaking against their injustice, mischief and oppression and for preaching the truth across the country.He was imprisoned for a time period of not less than 20 years.He used to keep in contact with his family members and close freinds through letters.As it is said that time flies faster than anything, the day came when he was released.But when he reached his home after his release, with tears of happiness and gratitude, he saw something which he never thought he would see.His children who were very small when he left them,have grown very big and were crying surrounding their beloved mother.When he saw her face (after 20 years) he started weeping bitterly and profusely as if he was a kid,but being a scholar he didn't said anything that was against the pleasure of Allah al-hayyi-al-qayyum.

After few weeks he went to visit his close friend.He welcomed the sheik warmly and presented him sweet mango juice.Seeing it he (scholar) started weeping.His freind inquired.O dear sheik! why you're weeping,what make's you weep? The sheik replied:Dear friend, the thing is that I and my wife used to drink the same juice (mango) from a single glass and it being my favourite juice,I have promised myself not to drink it again and alone in this world.I wish to drink it only with her in hereafter Inshallah. So my dear friend, please forgive me for my reason.His freind couldn't control his emotions so he too started weeping and saying: "This is true love,this is pure love".

Point of view: In this world,man is a continous target of arrows of sorrow(s). Some fall to his left and some to his right,some fall behind him and some fall short of him and few strike his heart.In order to minimise the pain, we need to wrap our hearts with armour of true faith and shield of pure patience.~Hamid

A Love thought: Heart's die,Love dosen't & Life leaves but Love remains~Hamid.


Amira said...

Wow mashallah really deep.

heart/and/soul said...

uh...I dont get it. =/
Can someone please kindly explain?

Sana said...

MashAllah, that was a very touching story... Also, your intake on the "Permanent changes" section on the side of your blog was excellent. I, from my personal experience also agree that a child should always be encouraged and dealt with in a positive way. Or else if a parent is constantly negative with him/her, it can definitely leave a scar and affect their self-esteem.
By the way, I love your blog, i feel very touched every time i read something new. Keep up the good work.

washi said...

I like your point of view!

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

@amira-It made me weep profuesly when i read it for the first time in the book Keys of Love.

@heart&soul-Amazing!Why u didnt understand? It's simple,Give a try once more and try to understand urself plz.

@Sana-welcome,shukran,Agree with ur views.Its natural.Inshallah i should and i will...

@washi-welcome,thank you.

Ƒiona H. Al- Ƨharekh said...

Your words are so touchy
Mashallah keep up

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

@fiona~Welcome sis.All praise be to our creator who taught us to read,write, and to feel emotions.


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