Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Master Of Deception!

Almost a year has passed by
Has left much and many to cry
A global meltdown,got our hearts rived
Did you ever suspect it contrived?

Shame!You blindly accept what they tell
You never investigate what they sell
Lost have you money,at your hearts core
When there is anything you covet more?

Paper money is one of the cunning ploys
The Presedents,the PM's-are only decoys
Globalization isn't what you think
Gone will be your freedom before you blink.

The day isn't far, when a man will roll on a grave
"Under the grave is better" he will crave.
Persecution will be severe,at its high peak.
Glimpse of that you may see,as I speak!

Ah! Enslaved you are, in shackles very strong
Economic,financial,celebs,the setup so wrong
It isn't once but time and again will such occur!
This is the prophesized 'blood-sucker'.

One eyed god will be worshipped,time is here
Turn the bills and you will see him clear
Tough times are here,rise and run
There isn't much in the store for the daughters and sons.

Take out sometime to study the true guidance
This era was fortold by all, right from adam
Act!For paradise is for those who believe and strive
The stage is set for the 'Master Imposter' to arrive!!!

Courtesy:By Muhammed Siddique.


MuslimFirst said...

Ma'sha'allah excellent.

Quran said...

Hey,It is a nice blog.

So Thank's

Amira said...

Mashallah beautiful.


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